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Real Time Marketing

So what’s so smart about Smartico’s Real Time Marketing Module?

Smartico brings advanced gamification, analytics and AI tools to Real Time Marketing to create a complete and powerful automated omni-channel tool designed to boost user acquisition, cut churn and increase player value.

Identify, Target, Fire...

Identifying and understanding what drives critical player segments and delivering the most effective timely message is the key to a successful outbound marketing strategy. Smartico lets you tailor perfect user journeys, engaging players with personalised campaigns and incentives.

“Our powerful back-office engine matches personalized messaging to the right player, at the right time through the right channel.”

S.Kobitskiy, CEO

You’re Meant to Segment

Create dynamic customer segments of all sizes based on geographic, demographic and behavioural attributes. Use segments together with advanced AI tools to:


Spot and assist new customers ready to purchase


Create and automate actions for specific campaigns


Predict churn and take preventative steps to avoid it


Identify and nurture potential VIP players

Group your population by segmentation base



Behavior Based

Traffic Srouce


Event Driven

External List

Supercharge Your Funnel from Top to Bottom

Improve your top-of-funnel performance by matching offers to landing pages, then engage your customers during registration.

Improve first deposit conversion rates by matching welcome bonus to payment method. Increase LTV with effective personalized campaigns.

Automate retention and acquisition strategy to significantly reduce customer support engagement


Improve upper funnel performance. Match the correct offers and landing pages.


Engage your customers during the registration process, record their screen session and see where they get stuck or leave the page.

First Deposit

Improve conversion to first deposit by matching the right welcome bonus and payment method.


Increase player lifetime value by effective personalized campaigns for betting, deposits and returning sessions.

Reduce cost of customer service

By automating your retention and acquisition strategy, and allowing your players to use the shop to buy bonuses and to realize their points into real rewards, the customer supports engagement is reduced significantly.

Reach your users any time, any place.

Keep in touch with your players with our multi-channel communication tools, delivering personalized messages at the right time to boost engagement. From event-driven journeys through to pre-set and scheduled campaigns, our smart system will ensure the right message reaches the right players at the right time.


Use personalized, trackable SMS in real-time or in scheduled campaigns to inform your players of the latest promotions or to notify them of events such as just before their favourite football team’s game is about to kick off.


With our extended and flexible template editor, you can build high quality and personalized email campaigns for your players, helping to boost conversion, deposit rates and LTVs.

Push Notifications

Send personalized push notifications directly to your players’ mobile or desktop devices, right after their withdrawal was processed or to bring them back online with details of special promotions.


Add our drag & drop IVR to your journey flow, available in every language. Use IVR to engage players with new promotions, remind them about their favourite sports betting event, verify their details and much more.

Web Pop-up

Engage and attract your users with webpage overlays triggered by a specific event or a completed mission; share coupon codes with players, or notify players about site maintenance and other general information.

Inbox Messages

Send personalized messages to your logged-in and loyal players following events such as a deposit, in-game activity or withdrawal, and use a scheduled campaign for offline players. No opt-in needed! Read more

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