Loyalty, Gamification & CRM Automation Platform

Java Integration Engineer

Smartico.ai is developing, omni-channel retention marketing platform. We’re trying to understand when it’s best to approach a customer with new offer or try to help understand the product better, what offer might be the best for him, which engagement channel to use and how often to engage for each engagement type.

The system is heavily dependant on data that clients are generating, we analyse it in near-real time and take decisions right away. The flexibility we give to the marketing team brings huge challenges to development. There’s plenty of work we’ve done but there is much more to achieve.   

This is why we’re looking for a JAVA Integration Engineer to join our team. We build complex solutions based on the modern technology stack. Our product is innovative combination of software, data analytics and math models delivers advertisements to the end users on mobile devices, web sites and social media.

What will you do:

  • Work on integration projects with direct connection to our customer technical teams and RnD team of Smartico.ai
  • Participate in software design process
  • Ensure scalability, performance & monitoring of integrated projects
  • Learn the business domain, understand the business needs, data structures, technologies and techniques.


  • Experience in Java (Integrations are written in Java)
  • Ability to communicate with external tech teams, Quick learner.
  • Self motivated with a sharp learning curve, ability to handle multiple tasks.
  • Self managed – we are a flat-organisation structure. Self management is a crucial skill.
  • Creative thinking and ability to quickly grasp new concepts and implement them
  • Good English (both verbal and written)

Beneficial skills:

  • Experience working with Relational and NOSQL databases
  • Working with BigQuery
  • Experience with Kafka, RMQ or other event streaming solutions
  • Strong analytical and data understаnding skills


We are a bleeding-edge, strong financially backed company, in the automated online marketing industry. Our company is fully funded by an outstanding array of successful, seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders. If you are looking for a chance to have a say in the technologies you work with, make an immediate, meaningful impact, have your experience valued, do not hesitate to apply!

As part of our team you will enjoy:

  • Friendly environment and a team of experts in the field, motivated people that are ready to teach and share unique knowledge.
  • Personal and professional development and growth opportunities.
  • Competitive salary!
  • Excellent social and welfare benefits such as healthy food options, Health Insurance, team buildings, company vacations etc.s