CRM Automation & Gamification Platform

Multi-Currency Solution

100$ is not equal 100€ right? Do you want to create promotions for your clients in their own currency, then?

  • No exchange rate
  • No complicated changing procedures
  • No guessing

The operators’ needs are at first priority here at lab. Creation of campaigns, bonuses, tournaments, missions are all great client retention boosters that must support your players.

In order not to lose players on exchange rates, we have developed multi-currency support. The feature allows all our operators to create client journeys, missions and communication considering their wallet currency.

The use of this feature together with amount and currency placeholders can be utilized in segmentation, gamification and marketing creatives.

The operator has the ability to control and be very precise with its chosen marketing approach.

When the system is waiting for a deposit event with a certain deposit amount to trigger a real-time campaign, it gives the operator the ability to specify exactly the amount of deposit in any currency that your platform supports and be very accurate with the targeting. We’re sure you have other important things to do than dealing with currency exchange, leave it to us, free your time.


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