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What are the most important changes that I have to make after a Domain change?

Creating a best time model

Every company gets to a point when the BRAND NAME and DOMAIN isn’t satisfying and therefore it has to be changed. Since not everybody starts the business with multiple brands and therefore wouldn’t think that hard coded brand names can make later on a big mess. In order to avoid triple work upon brand name change, adding additional brands or creating a multi brand solution;

We recommend using LABEL TAGS throughout the smartico platform to have one place where you can change brand related texts, images and urls.

Since Smartico is supporting multiple brands in one label, changing BRAND NAME and DOMAIN with us is easier than you would think. Lets see the steps should be taken:

Make sure that you have no hard coded brand mentioned within Marketing -> Assets -> POPUP, PUSH, SMS, EMAIL sections. Using a label tag can save a lot of time in such cases.

What`s a label tag?

As per the logic of our platform a label tag is responsible to push the correct text value within the content you have prepared. The TAG is available from the suggestions section while typing therefore the usage of it is the most simple possible: e.g. {{label.brand_name}}

You can find the TAG and it’s settings within the Label -> Label tags section.

1. Changing the BRAND NAME within Label tags section

Navigate to Label -> Label tags -> Type brand -> Click on the {{label.brand_name}}
Note that in case you are using brand specific mentions or hyperlinks within this section the action should be performed for all such tags, usually these tags are reflecting Brand name, domain, logo, terms & conditions, mail addresses of support personnel, different links staying under domain (e.g. Deposit, login, opt-out etc) For more information on the topic, please see our documentation

Following to that, navigate to Variations than press edit on the right side

Change the text to the new Brand name you wish to use.

In order to avoid future confusion, we recommend changing the Brand condition (marked with orange) as well. Note that the change will affect the back office operation only.

Navigate to Label -> CMS -> Brands than click on the brand you wish to change:

Within the General tab changing the Brand name will affect the above mentioned Brand value

2. Changing Mail and SMS gateways

Under the Label section there are configurations of Mail and SMS channels. First of all navigate to Label -> Channels -> then Mail

You can find in this section the configured Support and Risk mail addresses that should be aligned with your new domain

Following that navigate to Mail Gateways in order to make sure that none of the From or Reply to values stating your old brand. Change could be done if you click the edit on the right side

In case your Telecom provider is allowing, within the SMS gateway there is a possibility to provide alphabetic sender ID, meaning that your recipient wouldn`t receive the SMS from a phone number but from a name reflecting your Brand name

Changing the Brand might become a complicated task and therefore, we are here to assist. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to turn to us. Contact your Account Manager prior to any changes to make sure, no step will be missed.