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What are Label Tags and how to use them?

Label Tags are different from core tags and product oriented tags (such as game played, favorite team etc), with Smartico Label Tags you can easily create your own tags in the system, with your own content!

One template for many purposes

Create an email template to welcome your users to their new VIP level; Following to that, firstly we will have to create the respective Label Tag. Create a welcome_to_vip Label Tag and provide a default value.

Define the different conditions for each of the players VIP level and provide content.

Insert welcome_to_vip label tag in your email body and each VIP user will get his own welcome message.

To create a Label Tag simply:
  1. Go to Label tab on the top menu
  2. Select Label tags from “Base Configurations” section
  1. Click on +Create
  2. Choose the Tag name (i.e. welcome_to_vip)
  3. Put the Tag value (i.e. Welcome to VIP Bronze/Silver)
  4. Choose the conditions for which users this tag will be affecting You can choose few conditions, like Language, VIP level, Country, specific username, any property available in our core and in your product.

You can create 1 template of email, or SMS/Push with tags that will serve hundreds of customized emails.

Use the tags for different segments of players, currencies etc. User bonus_amount label tag with a currency core tag and when player is from Canada it will show XXX CAD (c$), if player is from Germany he will see a YYY EUR (€) sign.


In template: Get a bonus of 100% up to {{core.currency}}{{label.bonus_amount}}
In reality: Get a bonus of 100% up to €100, OR Get a bonus of 100% up to c$150

With the same email!

Implementation in the SMS/Push Notification

To select a Label Tag just open 2 curly brackets “{{” and search for your tag, or simply write “{{label.” and you will narrow down the list to label tags only as shown in the image below.

The tag bonus_description_vip, will have different value according to every VIP level, and will match the values defined in the Label Tags interface.

Implementation in the Email

To select a Label Tag just open the “Personalization -> Merge tags” and search for your tag.
The tag value will receive the style you apply on the tag itself.

Label Tags in Multi-Brand Solution

Label Tags are more often used in the Multi-Brand Solution, to make a good separation between the different brands.
It may be used to define Brand Name, Brand Logo and more.

To create a Label Tag with brand specific values, follow the steps of creating a tag, and select the relevant brand from the dropdown “Brand

Case-studies of usage of the Label Tags in Multi-Brand context:

  1. {{label.brand_name}} (Brand A1, Brand B2, Brand C3…)
  2. {{label.brand_logo) (Can be a URL. This tag will replace the logo in every resource such as Email, in case 1 mail can be used for multiple brands)
  3. {{label.brand_url}} (Can replace a brand URL in all Emails/SMS etc. when linking from the customer message to a specific page in a brand. For example: {{label.brand_url}}/privacy-policy, where brand_url tag would be the brand domain name.
  4. {{label.header}} (Can be and HTML or image to replace the header of an Email, so each brand will have it’s own header)
  5. {{label.welcome_bonus}} (This tag can replace the Welcome Bonus line in communications to players, based on the Brand, and/or other conditions as well such as Country, Currency, etc)