CRM Automation & Gamification Platform

Using Bonuses on a Journey

Create a Bonus Template

Once you have Bonus Templates created on your platform and in Smartico, you are able to use them in Real-Time and Scheduled campaigns, and give your users the bonus based on the events and status of the player in a particular moment.

It’s a simple drag & drop operation within the Journey Flow Builder.

  1. Create your campaign (Please refer to “Start a New User Journey“)
  2. Create the flow of the campaign based on your needs (please refer to “Create Journey Flow“)
  3. Select Bonus from the monetary actions available in the flow builder, and drag it on to the canvas
  4. Choose the bonus template you want to give to the user
  5. Choose the amount you want to issue with the bonus.
    In case this is an amount based bonus (Free/Cash Bonus) please choose the amount. 
    In case this is a Free Spins only bonus, or a coupon waiting for deposit (Match/Deposit Bonus) and you do not want to give any bonus amount to the user, the amount should be 0.
  6. The UI Amount will be the text that will appear in the Bonus section of the Gamification Widget
  7. Choose Redeem Bonus Automatically if you want the user to receive it directly after the action or event it is based on
    In case the user state does not allow the bonus to be given (i.e. has a pending withdrawal and a bonus condition prevents Smartico to redeem it for the player) then the bonus will appear as Pending in the Bonus section of the Gamification Widget).
    If you choose not to redeem automatically, the bonus will appear as Pending in the Bonus section of the Gamification Widget.
  8. Drag a line between the action/event and the Bonus.