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User Management within the Journey

Where do I see all users engaged in a Journey?

You can easily find all users that are participating right now in a Journey or participated in the past:

  1. Click “Operations” tab inside the Journey
  2. Choose “Users”

Each of these users will show:

  • Entry Date to the campaign
  • Conversion Date (if available)
  • Stop Date (if available)
  • Stop Campaign button, if the user is still inside the ongoing campaign (campaign is still active for that user)
  • Control group Yes/No

You can search by username (internal Smartico username or by external username), and filter results by pre-defined periods (24 Hours, 7 days, 14 days)

From this screen you can also access the User Marketing Profile and investigate deeper the campaigns which the user has participated in, events triggered by the user, Gamification facts, and financial data when available.

See “User Profile” for more information about User Marketing Profile.

A Step-By-Step view of the user progression in the context of the campaign
  1. Click “Operations” tab inside the Journey
  2. Choose “Entries Details”

In this screen you will see all users ever engaged in the campaign and their step-by-step activities in the context of this campaign.

You can analyze and investigate if a user has received a bonus, or clicked on a popup, and look into why a player was “stuck” on a certain phase in the campaign and did not progress.

A Communication Log of the Journey

To see all communications through all channels in the context of the campaign and their results (Clicked, Impression, Failed etc):

  1. Click “Operations” tab inside the Journey
  2. Choose “Communications”

Here you will find the Delivery Status, the First Click Date and the Last Action taken (i.e URL the user clicked on). 

This is a good vision on the activity and success of the campaign, and this gives you the opportunity to see in the granularity of the user and in real time how your campaign resources are performing.

Tip: To see full stats on campaign success and resources performance, always check the BI analysis and reporting

In Communication screen you can search by the resource name (Welcome… ) and you can also filter by channel type (SMS, Email, IVR, Pop-up, Push Notification, etc)