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Subscribing to Reports

Get your reports to your email

You can get all your reports in a picture format without logging in to check results, by subscribing to the reports and have them sent to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose the report or dashboard you want to subscribe to
  2.  Click on the envelope icon on the top right side of the screen 
  1. Choose your preferred timing for receiving the reports. You can select between 3 options:
    • Daily, at 20:00
    • Weekly, one time every Friday at 20:00
    • One time (sent immediately after confirmation)
  2. Click OK to confirm subscription to the report
  1. The system will then confirm your subscription and the report will be sent to the email address of the Smartico account owner
Cancel your Subscription

In case you want to change or cancel the subscription to the report, simply:

  1. Click on the Envelope icon
  2. Select the report you are subscribed to (it will be the one with the “V”)
  3. Confirm to cancel subscription
Subscription to Media Report and Affiliate dashboards

When using Smartico Affiliate Software you can subscribe to the media report or any dashboard to receive daily or weekly updates for your traffic, conversion, FTDs etc.