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Setting up the Levels

Levels are regularly characterized by missions or storylines and in most cases they have a give the user sense of progression (for example in a restaurant themed gamification you would have busboy, dishwasher, cook, head-chef etc). When you complete one level, you enter the next one, and to proceed to the next level you probably need to gain more points, or succeed in more complicated missions.

The levels are in most cases themed, opposed to having a boring Level 1, Level 2 etc. The following level can show an advancement or measure of power inside the gamification theme. The most important part is that the user feels remunerated for accomplishing another achievement.

To Level-Up using the Smartico Gamification, the user has to earn the amount of points which is configured to each of the levels.
Earning of the points can be done by completing missions, journey accomplishments, winning leaderboards etc

To set up the Levels simply go to:

Gamification –> Levels

Define the rules
  1. Choose a name for your level
    This name will appear on the client side.
    If your brand supports different languages, you can choose a name for each language
  2. Write a description for the level
  3. Upload Level icon
    You can upload an icon for your level, or insert your own URL. The icon size should be 256×256 for optimized visualization.
  4. Integration parameter
    This is an optional parameter that can be used in the Journey Builder to report 3rd party APIs with change of level.
    For example, user entered level Bitten -> The 3rd party will be updated in a reverse integration about the change of VIP/Level.
  5. Level status
    Levels should be drafted when they are not completely configured. Once they are published the users will start to progress
  6. Set as Default level
    The levels configuration requires to have one level as default, so newly created users will be assigned with this level automatically on registration.
    There could only be one default level.
  7. Required Points
    The number of points required by a user to collect to enter this level.

See “Collection of Points” for more information.

Important: If you have level 1 with 0 required points, and level 2 with 1000 required points.
You decide to introduce level 3 with 2000 required points, this change will have effect on users having 2000 points already which are on level 2.
In such case, when you are ready with the changes in levels configuration you will need to start recalculation of levels, for this please click the “Sync Levels” button.

Keep in mind that such recalculation could trigger execution of Journeys and Campaigns based on trigger of Level Change event, or points collected.

  1. Visibility Points
    You can set visibility points to hide more advanced levels from beginner level users.
    i.e. Level 2 requires 1000 points, and level 5 required 5000 points. You can set level 5 with 4000 visibility points so users on level 2 will not see level 5, as it is an advanced level.

Use this matrix for reference, Level 6 will be visible when user is in the middle of completion of Level 4:


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Required Points








Visible >= Points