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Using Personalized Tags in marketing resources

Smartico equips you with Personalization Tags as the great way to add dynamic content inside your marketing campaigns throughout all available channels.

Dynamic content is the content inside your marketing resource will change depending on who is engaged in the campaign, based on the latest information the platform received about the recipient such as Name, Wallet Balance, Last Login Date, Deposit Amount or any other data that you have deemed useful enough to collect and use inside your campaigns.

Tags are also used on a Label level to create customized bonus lines for different users, or brand names or logos and they are explained in a separate section. 

See “Label tags” and “Campaign tags” for more information about client customized types of tags and Multi-Brand tagging.

Understand Personalized Tags

Using the tags will not show you of course in the template immediately how the tag will appear to the user, but the preview option will give you a good idea of how it may look like.

When you use a tag for the user first name, like in this example:

Hello {{state.user_first_name}}, welcome to Demo!

The user will see his own first name which will be replaced by the tag:

Hello Catherine, welcome to Demo!

With tagging you can create generic templates to be used for different cases such as Deposits with specific payment methods, templates for soon to come Sport Events by using personal tags such as Favorite team, or favorite League etc.

Using Personalized Tags in Emails

Create an email based on a template using our Email Editor tool.

See “Create an Email” for more information about Smartico email editor.

  1. Insert a text box from the widgets on the right side of the screen
  2. Write your text
  3. Open “Personalization” drop down
  4. Choose “Merge tags” to view all types of tags (custom tags such as label tags and core tags such as first name, last name etc) 
Using Personalized Tags in SMS, Push Notifications & Popups

Create a new SMS, Push Notification or Popup

See “Create an SMS”,  “Create a Push Notification” and “Create a Popup” for more information.

  1. Write your text.
  2. Type 2 curly brackets {{ to open “Personalization” selection drop down.
  3. Choose your tag and click it.
  4. You can also start typing the name of a tag and the selection drop down will narrow down the options for you automatically.
Using image tags in a Popup

Just like text tags with dynamic content, you can use tags with dynamic images, such as level icons, mission badges or shop items images.

The image tags are used in the same way as the personalized text tags, and can be used in Emails or Popups.

For example, use {{state.ach_level_current_image}} to show the level icon of a user in a popup prompting when he reached a new level.

You can notice the tags used in the Popup for informing the user about the points he accumulated until this moment and the points needed for reaching the next level.

Eventually this is how the Popup with personalized and image tags will look like when the user reaches a new level.