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Multi-Currency solution

Many operators run a multinational operation where users from all over the world play with different currencies, which has to be supported across the entire Marketing approach and be optimized for each user and his own coin value.

Multi-Currency support in Smartico.ai has been extended and can now be used in:

  • Missions
  • Segments
  • Journeys

Using this feature allows the operator to be very precise with offering to a player, while still maintaining good usability.

When choosing a property that is defined as “monetary” a multi-currency dropdown will appear where the operator will have to choose the amount they want to target in each separate currency. Default value will be used in case one of the currencies will be left empty.
These amounts can be populated to each user based on his own currency and the configuration done by the operator.

In the example above, the “Last Deposit Amount” of the user will have to be either 100 EUR, 140 CAD, 75 GBP etc.

Currencies like JPY, ZAR and other non-configured ones, will have the value of the default.


When configuring mission names and tasks within, you now have the option to define different amounts for different wallet currencies. This feature together with the use of label tags in the mission/task name will provide a customized user experience when it comes to ‘sum’ related tasks.

In the example below, you can see how this feature will function:

The configuration above means that users will see the set values that correlate to their currencies.

  • A user with “SEK” currency will see:
    Place a 500 SEK Casino Bet
  • A user with “CAD” currency will see:
    Place a 100 CAD Casino Bet

{{amount}} refers to the amount configured in each currency based on the engaged user currency.

{{state.core_wallet_currency}} is a Smartico core tag (like First Name tag) which refers to the currency code of the engaged user.

This feature can also be used for mission description and unlocking description.
When using the multi-currency for the naming of the mission description/names/unlocking description etc, make sure that the actual tasks correlate with the numbers you put.

This description of how to unlock the mission is configured as follows:

To correctly set up the unlocking task from the unlocking description in the above image, please see the following example of the task name and action to unlock:

  • In the above unlocking task users with currency AUD (non-configured) will see the default value:
    Make 2 times 50 AUD Deposits to unlock
  • In the above unlocking task users with currency JPY will see:
    Make 2 times 2500 JPY Deposits to unlock

You can also use the multi-currency solution when creating segments and thus implement into both live and scheduled campaigns as shown below:

See “How to build a segment” for more information.

In the example segment above the users who will enter the segment:

  • More than 300 EUR in balance
  • More than 200 AUD in balance
  • More than 6000 JPY in balance
  • AND more than 100 GBP, or CAD/USD etc (default value since it is not set explicitly to these currencies)
Journey (real-time and scheduled campaigns)

Start an event triggered campaign with specific requirements related to currencies, for example:

When Deposit is approved AND Deposit is greater than EUR:100 | USD:150 | JPY: 1000
The campaign will consider the user currency without converting it to base currency.

Another area where you can use this feature is within the journey flow builder when using the “Check user profile” action. Using this feature here will allow you to target specific currency balances within the campaign. See example below: