Loyalty, Gamification & CRM Automation Platform

Start a new user Journey

Smartico Journey Builder is a campaign planning tool that enables you to design and automate campaigns that guide customers through their journey with a brand. Its foundation is the journey, which is the communication plan you design. Canvas activities tell the Journey Builder how to communicate to and direct the population in the journey. The journey then continually evaluates the population to determine when to move them to the next activity.

Execute simple or multi-step marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis.

Create a Journey
  1. Choose a name for your Journey
  2. Select campaign status
    • Active – Normally running Campaign
    • Paused – Campaigns is still running for users who entered Journey, but new users will not enter
    • Draft, Disabled and Archived – Is disabled for new users and user who already entered
  3. Select campaign category
    • Marketing campaign – Is counted in global Analytical reports, to measure Entrance & Conversion KPIs
    • Operation campaigns – Is not included in Analytical reports, static still can be seen in “Analytics” section of campaign
  4. Set Control Group (%) Control Group, Campaign duration and Conversion Rules are important for proper evaluation of campaign performance.Smartico will keep specified % of users outside of the Journey and will measure how they are achieving ‘Conversion Rule’ in specified period of Campaign duration i.e Conversion rule is “purchase done”, will count how many customers within the journey made purchase during the period of the campaign compared to the ones who entered the CG without going through the engagements of the campaign.
  1. Cap Total Entries limit
    Capping the number of users that will enter the campaign. After that campaign will be paused automatically. You can set the value to 0 if limiting the campaign is not needed.
  2. Set activity period
    You can limit the period of your campaign activity by specifying from and up to dates. it’s possible to set campaign:
    • Starting from specific time but without end date
    • Finishing on specific date, but without start date, so it will be active immediately
    • Settings specific date period
    • Leaving both fields empty, so it will run until explicitly stopped
    • Set daily iterations (i.e Happy Monday campaign, for the entire month of April which will repeat every Monday)
  1. Set Entry Trigger
    Entry trigger can be any event defined in the system:
    • Deposit done
    • User Login
    • User Logout
    • Game played (Player placed a bet)
    • Mission completed
    • Level completed
    • Etc
  1. Select the population that you target for the campaign.
    • All VIP Bronze customers
    • All customers with deposit count > 1
    • Customers from Canada
    • Players with favorite team Manchester United
    • etc

You can configure additional conditions that will be combined with Segment to build an audience.

See “Segments” for more information about populations.