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How to use best communication time feature

“Best time” is the AI based predictive model that is able to identify user behaviour patterns and send SMS, Email and push notifications at the best time for every particular user.

Creating a best time model

As an operator you are able to build models in the “Best time” section under the “Label” area.

When creating a model, you are able to control main aspects that will influence model performance:

  • Activity trigger – you are selecting user activities that will be taken into account when analysing user behaviour. We are commending always to have as minimum “Login” and “Online” activities in order to build a model for users that didn’t generate any Product specific activities.
  • Algorithm – there are 3 algorithms available for your choice, you can see the result on the test user in the right top area.
  • Day & Hour selection model – you are able to instruct mode to either to select multiple best hours during each day and multiple best days, or to have only one best hour and one best day.
  • Sensitivity – is another parameter that is controlling the threshold in selection of multiple best hours. Higher value will select more hours during a day. Setting value to 99, will almost disregard any algorithm based predictions and will reflect user activity hours.

As soon as you are ready with the model, you can build it for all your users by selecting “Reset all users & calculate model”.

Depending on the number of users and activities they generated, initial building of the model may take hours, after that new users and new activities of existing users will be applied to the model with an up to 5 minutes delay (e.g. after registration of new user of after his first actions like bets, deposits etc, it will take 5 minutes to build ‘Best time’ model).

You can see a list of users for whom the model is not built yet, in the “Pending calculation” column. This column will also reflect users for whom there are new activities generated and model need to be rebuilt.

You can define up to 3 “best time” models, which can be used in order to test different algorithms and set of activity triggers.

Using model when sending SMS, Mail, Push notifications

As soon as mode is defined and calculated for all users, you can select it during building of marketing campaigns.

At the level of Mail, SMS or Push notification activity you can select a specific model as an option in “Allowed communication hours”.

In addition you can choose if communication should be sent in the next best hour or in the best hour of the best day.

To explain these option, we can take a look on particular user with following best hours & days.

If the campaign starts at 8 AM on Monday and targets “Next best hour, no matter of the day”, it will be sent for this user at 1 PM on Monday.

The second option, “Next best day and hour”,  will send communication at 1 PM on Tuesday, because Tuesday and Wednesday are predicted to be the best days for communication.

Reviewing predictions on user profile

As soon as you define the “Best time” model(s), you can see predictions for each user in the CRM page.