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How to build a Segment?

Segmentation is a process of dividing the population into relatively homogenous segments base on certain parameters like geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural.

The segments are dynamic and are changed in Real Time based on the criteria of each segment.
For example a segment of all users that made 1 deposit, might match 10 users right now but 9 users tomorrow, or in 15 minutes in case of these 10 users will make a second deposit.

Create a Segment
  1. Go to Marketing tab
  2. Enter “Segment” under Campaigns section
  3. Click Create
  1. Choose a name for your Segment.
    The name could give a hint for the population you are targeting. Like “VIP Bronze players”, or “Canada First Deposit”
  2. Add conditions to your Segment to slice the population to your goals based on their financial, behavior, demographic etc
  3. Save the Segment, and see how many users fit to the group of conditions you have created
Analyze your Segment

Your segments can be then viewed under the magnifying glass of our powerful Real Time BI to be analyzed in details how the segment is performing.

In the example shown below you can see how a segment of users with balance lower than €5 is dynamically changing, it is clear from the graph that in the last few days there is an increase of such players with lower balance.

Who is in my Segment?

Every segment contains a list of users fitting to the conditions set out by the creator.
You can then enter each user’s profile for better analysis.

Where is my Segment?

Every Journey is using a segment to make sure the right population is addressed, and the right users are going to be engaged.

You can find all Journeys or Scheduled campaigns that your newly created segment is involved in.
Simply click on “Campaigns” tag.

If you created a Segment for users with balance less than €5, and you want to make a similar one just for Female users, just click on “Clone“, this will easily create a new segment for you with the same conditions.


  1. Build a segment of players that their favorite team is Juventus. Select this segment in a Journey that will engage users 1 hour before a match starts, when one of the  team is Juventus.
  2. Build a segment of users that made more than 1 deposit, and last login date was more than 10 days ago, and balance is 0, and engage them in a reactivation campaign.
  3. Build a segment of users with a pending cash-out to prompt them popups offering them notifications regarding their awaiting withdrawal. Catch them when they are happy to allow push notifications.