CRM Automation & Gamification Platform

Global Conversion & Stop Rules

Most marketing campaigns have a scope, what you as a marketer would want to achieve in the campaign. The scope of your campaign can be a specific game that should be played, a specific sport team that should be bet on, a user to make a deposit etc.

Instead of converting the campaign within the Flow Designer on specific action, you can set out a “global” rule such as a “Deposit Approved”, and no matter what happens inside the campaign, if a deposit is approved the campaign for that user would be converted and reflected as so in the report BI.

Same goes for stopping a campaign. If you want to set out your target to converting a  registered user into a depositor, on deposit approved the user will be converted, but what if he deposited before you even sent out the first communication?

You can Stop the campaign if the user deposited before you made it in time to reach out to him, and his conversion will not count since he was converted before engagement of the campaign.

Please note that if no rules are set, the conversion statistics will be 0

How to set Global Conversion & Stop Rules?
  1. Simply go to “Rules” in your Journey
  2. Click on “Create Conversion Rule”, or “Create Stop Rule”
  3. Choose the event that will be listened
  4. Add a condition property to the event (i.e “Deposit approved” will stop campaign only if “Deposit amount is less than 50)
  5. Add a funnel note to your rule so you can analyze it in the report BI
  6. You can edit your rules any time 

Important: After stopping a campaign, if the user meets the conditions again, and the journey is not set to be “once in a life time”, the user will re-enter the journey. A conversion alone does not stop a campaign