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Exporting a Segment to CSV

Once you have created your segment, you can export it to a CSV sent to your email account.
Simply open the desired segment and click “Export Segment” on the top right corner of the screen.

You will then be prompted with the message confirming the export will be sent to your email registered with the account in a form of a link to a CSV download, and to allow push notifications on your browser to be notified once the export is done, and be able to download the CSV directly from the Push message.

Click the “Push notifications” link to subscribe;

Your browser will then ask you to confirm the Push approval;

Once the export is done you will receive a Push notifications with a link to download the file;

And an email:

The file will contain all users captured within the exported segment and will include both internal and external IDs. It will also specify the brand ID each one of these users is registered on.