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Custom Tags for Affiliate System

Custom Tags exist in order to give the operator more control over the dimensions they uses for tracking and analysis.

A custom tag can be added to a link, in order to use filtering or segmenting in the following way:

Language of a destination link: EN, FR, SV etc
Type of traffic: PPC, SEO, SMS etc

When the Affiliate will search for his tracked link, he will see these tags as categories.

To create a Custom Tag:

  1. Go to “Custom Tags” under Affiliate Desk tab
  2. Click “Create
  3. Choose the “Entity Type” – there are 3 types:
    1. Affiliate
      This will appear in the Affiliate user profile. This can be Traffic Type category, Payment priority or any other desired parameter chosen by the operator.
    2. Link
       This type of Entity will appear in the Destination Llinks. Can be for example Currency, Language etc
    3. Media
      Will appear in Media Assets like Emails and Banners
  4. Type in the Name of your tag
    Like Traffic Source, Language, Group, etc
  5. Choose the BI Dimension ID
    There can only be 3 tags for each entity type, each of these tags can have many values. For example under Links:
    1. Language
      English, Swedish, French, German, Finnish, Italian, Romanian etc
    2. Currency
      EUR, USD, SEK, NOK etc
    3. Vertical (of landing page)
      Sports, Casino, Fintech, Retail etc
  6. Decide if this will be a Required Field before saving a Destination Link
  7. Choose whether to Show in the list of all links or not (see below example)

To create the values for the tags, click on Options

You can create as many values (options) as you want