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Creating destination links

Destination Links are the landing pages operators uploads and can be downloaded by the Affiliate in order to track their traffic.
The destination links are separated per brand and type, and can have different attributes like Language, Vertical, Currency or any other attribute you choose to “segment” your pages with, which will also be available for reporting and analysis.
These attributes can be configured to your own “flavour” and are picked by the operator.

To define new or edit existing attributes for segmenting and reporting of your Destination Links, refer to article “Custom Tags for Affiliate System

Create the links

To create a new Destination Link simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Destination Links” under Affiliate Desk tab
  2. Click “Create
  3. Choose a name to describe your page (i.e Roulette Landing page with welcome offer)
  4. Choose the brand this Link will be related to
  5. Choose the “Link type
    – Registration page
    – Landing page
    – Homepage
    – Other
  6. Put a Description of the landing page for you and for the Affiliates to see
  7. Place the link of the Destination (the page that the user will be navigate to)
    This page can be for example https://yoursite.com, dynamic parameters can be added to the link. View explanation below.
Making it Private

Your landing pages and destination links can be either Public, and accessed by all Affiliates to be offloaded from the system and send traffic with, or they can be Private.

Landing page with a special logo, or a specific bonus offer that can be only obtained by coming from a specific source, has to be private and inaccessible to the rest of the users of the platform.
No one wants an angry affiliate that used a landing page with another affiliate website logo…

To make your links private simply:

  1. Choose NO under “Public
  2. A new “Visible only for affiliates” drop down will appear, simply choose any of the Affiliates on the list. Multiple choice is supported.
Dynamic parameters in your link

When creating your links, some dynamic parameters can be added to your destination URL in order to enrich the redirected URL with additional parameters so that the operator platform will be able to use those parameters as desired (for example in User Profile)

These are examples of URL Parameters for your Destination Link:

{{tracker}} – usually must be present, later to be sent to Smartico for visit matching.
{{{affiliate_id}} – Smartico affiliate id associated with the clicked URL
{{affiliate_name}} – Smartico affiliate name associated with the clicked URL
{{link_type}} – The type of Destination Link
{{link_name}} – The name of Destination Link
{{time}} – Server time in milliseconds
{{campaign_name}} – Affiliate Campaign Name associated with the clicked link

Example URL: https://yoursite.com/?aff_id={{tracker}}&aff_name={{affiliate_name}}

The URL parameter would match the operators platform term, and the dynamic value will be taken from Smartico Affiliate system.

Connecting your Media to your Links

All links can be related to Media Assets like Emails or Banners.
In order for the Media Asset to be pointed to the right path, a link must be made between the two.

To link a Destination Link to a Media Asset simply choose from the drop down menu the right Email or Banner.

Once the connection has been made, this Destination Link will be available to the Affiliate as part of the “Welcome mailer 1” when offloading the asset and creating the tracked link.

The Destination Link in question will be one of the options for choice where the Media Asset will point to.

To create new Media Assets, refer to article “Tracked Media Assets