CRM Automation & Gamification Platform

Create Journey Flow

Canvas activities include messages, decisions, updates, or a combination of these elements, dragged onto the Journey Builder canvas. In a Multi-Step journey, the activities you configure affect each contact until they reach a goal or the end of the journey.

You can also split the activities within the journey. For example start the journey for a certain population of Roulette users for example, and then at some point in the journey to separate them into 2 paths – Female users will continue in path A and Male users in path B.

Activities appear in the builder panel according to their headings:

Flow Designer
  1. Communication
    • Email (see “Email templates” for more information)
    • Popup (see “Popup templates” for more information)
    • SMS (see “SMS” for more information)
    • Inbox (see “Inbox” for more information)
    • IVR Call (see “IVR” for more information)
    • Slack message – Send slack message to your organization with alerts concerning the campaign
    • Mail to Risk – Send mail to your Risk department for suspicious activities
    • Mail to Support – Send mail to your Support Center to notify them about stages in a campaign that a single user finished
  1. Actions
    • Deep Link
      Use deep links to direct the players to specific sections in the Smartico widget, or pages on your site.
    • JS  Code (i.e Open cashier)
    • Web Hook
      Use external APIs directly from the flow builder
    • Enable/Disable screen recording
      Start/Stop recording the users screen after specific activity
  1. Monetary
    • Add Bonus (see “Bonus templates” for more information)
    • Add Points
  1. Flow Control
    • Funnel Marker
      Use funnel markers to count the users in each step, and to be selected and presented in the report BI
    • Delay
      Use delay after activity (deposit done -> delay 5 minutes -> send push)
    • Delay until
      Use delay until specific date, or day of the week (deposit done -> delay until Sunday -> send push)
    • Wait for Event
      (deposit done -> wait for event “total balance=0” -> send push)
    • Convert Campaign after specific activity
    • Stop Campaign after specific activity

See “Global Conversion/Stop rules” on campaigns for more information.

  1. User Profile
    • Update Property
      Update any custom property such as status, name etc
    • Check User Profile
      After certain activity you might want to check user profile for some change (i.e you want to communicate with a user and want to check if Push Notification status = ALLOW, IF YES -> Send push, IF NO -> Send SMS)
    • Tag/Untag customer
      Create personalized tag after activity
  1. Other
    • Annotation
      Place comments on the canvas