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Campaign Entry Mode

The campaign entry mode can be one of the following sets the rule for the user to enter the campaign when and if he meets the conditions of the campaign (within the chosen population and based on the event that he triggered, or was triggered on him)

A campaign entry mode can be one of the following:

  1. Once during open journey
    If the user is inside an active journey, he will not be able to re-enter the same journey even if the conditions become ideal again

Send SMS when withdrawal is approved. Journey duration is 7 days.
Withdrawal requested –> Journey starts.
If not stopped after cancellation of such withdrawal, the user will be “stuck” in the campaign for the remaining time and if he asks for a new withdrawal, he will not re-enter to the Journey.

  1. Once in a lifetime of a user
    The user can enter to this Journey one time only, this is the case in campaigns such as Registration Flow, 2nd Deposit Flow etc.

Send SMS in a scheduled campaign every day at 10:00.
Population/Segment for this campaign –> Users with Deposit Count >5.
At the time of the campaign we can have 100 users that fit the profile of the population, the following day at 10:00 we can have more or less users, the SMS will be sent to those users, excluding the ones that already entered the campaign the day before – those will never enter this campaign again no matter what the duration of the campaign is, or if the user exited the campaign.

  1. Every time conditions are met
    The user will enter the Journey every time when the conditions to start the campaign are met and the user fits to the population profile, even if he is actively engaged in the campaign and the campaign is not over yet for him.

Give 1 point every time a bet is made.
The Journey duration can last for 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour or 1 day, and include a more complicated set of actions, but every time the user will make a bet, he will re-enter the Journey while still having another open “session” in the same Journey.

  1. Stop and Start

    The user will enter the journey every time the conditions to start the journey are met. If during progressing in the journey the same entry conditions met again the user will restart the journey while the previous instance will be terminated.

We would like to create a 1 month long journey for a promotion happening every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for all users that have played Mine Crush game in the previous month. The journey will send a popup once a day to all such users providing a 50$ bonus after every deposit. We are creating the journey using Stop and Start Entry mode as the entry trigger will be User came online, for the same users every time therefore the campaign should keep repeating on given days for the given players only.