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Bonus templates

Create Bonus Templates in Smartico so you can easily engage players with bonuses and use the templates in your store or in your campaigns.

Just create the bonus template, drag & drop the bonus activity in a journey and place it in the exact moment you want to give the bonus to the user.

This option will help you use the right bonus in the right time!

Create a Bonus Template

To create a Bonus Template follow these simple steps:

  1.  Go to Gamification tab
  2. Select Bonus Templates from the left menu
  3. Click on +Create
  1. Choose the name for your Bonus Template
  2. Upload an image icon.
    This image will be shown in the Smartico Gamification Widget under “Bonus” section, as pending when on pending state or when redeemed. The image will represent the Bonus when it is give as a template (Store items have separate image icons)
  3. Describe your bonus, this will be shown as description when the bonus appears in Bonus section of the Gamification Widget
    You will have to write the description in all of the supported languages of your site (when available). Empty description will show default site the language description.
  4. Choose the type of your Bonus Template.
    The type of Bonus can be different from platform to platform, the generic ones would be:
    • Cash Bonus
      The bonus amount will be decided when the action of the bonus is given, for example in a journey when giving a bonus you will have to insert amount of bonus
    • Free Spins Bonus
    • Deposit Bonus A percentage on next deposit
Bonus templates are first created on the platform provider, as fixed amounts or dynamic, and based on their Bonus Codes they are then configured in Smartico.
  1. Insert the Template name This will be the bonus/coupon code configured on the external platform provider backoffice.
  2. Select activation time The bonus can be active only on certain period if for example you are setting a bonus only for a Christmas promotion.
  3. Set the expiration time for the bonus The bonus will expire X hours/days/etc after it is issued. For example when a user purchases a bonus but does not redeem it, the bonus will disappear after a certain period of time from the bonus section in gamification widget.
  4. Put a free comment Use this comment box to describe the bonus and to help you recognize it when selecting the bonus template among other templates. Use it to write the name of the game, the value of the bonus etc.
  5. Enable or Disable the bonus template When disabled, the template will not appear in the activity of the journeys

Use Case: 
To create a Free Bonus On RTG platform you will have to create a Coupon code based on a coupon template, and configure the playthrough/wagering amount.

You can create different templates with different wagering requirements and offer different types of Free/Cash (without wagering requirement) bonuses in your store.

Once you are ready with the template you should create a bonus template in Smartico and insert the coupon code under a “Cash Bonus” type. This way every time this bonus will be used in the store or during a campaign, the amount set on Smartico will determine the amount of the bonus given.

Each time a such a bonus is given from Smartico, we will issue a coupon based on the RTG template and the user will be able to redeem it, or if you selected “Redeem Bonus Automatically” option, we will redeem it for him.

Tip: Do not forget to select the option to hide the coupon code from the user, so he cannot redeem the coupon himself at a later stage, this will cause bonus abuse.